No wifi broadcast from M+ after many tries

I flew the M+ Sunday and this morning I tried to connect to download my log files. I have booted it up many times and it never shows up in the wifi list. It worked fine for the flights 2 days ago. I even took it outside and tried it there. Any ideas on what I need to do? I always use the Reachview app to power down my units.
The orange and green light are steady but the blue network light just continues to blink. Thanks for any insight. I also tried to connect via my PC, two different iPads and my Android phone. The M+ does not show up in any of them.
I am 99% sure it is running the latest DEV version that was prior to the very recent stable release. I was planning on updating today after I got my log files.

Sounds like maybe the M+ has locked onto another wifi?

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@michaelL you are da man! Gee wiz!! I guess it is still early :blush:

I get in trouble with that because I have 5-6 sources of internet that I use at different times so it is hard to remember what to shutdown when, :slight_smile:. Occasionally I have to go into settings and tell it to forget everything just for sanity’s sake when it gets messy.

yep, that is exactly what happened here. it would be nice if there was the option to set a specified delay before it joined a known wifi network. Some people may not want a delay at all where in my case, I would love to set a 3-4 minute delay, then that would give me the chance to connect directly to the Reach unit which would then cancel it connecting to any known network. But until that happens I will be more attentive. thanks again for the insight!!

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