No WIFI Blue LED?,

Finally I had time to test by two EMLID RS+ Stations
Firmware installing went ok (I thought) although it took forever on one of the units. (And I never saw a green ok tick sign) I tested Base and Rover in LORA mode and got positions in fix mode, so thought it was all working.

Now I am switching on my base station again but there is no blue LED at all, and I am not seeing any WIFI signal
I have rebooted several times and waited 30min before rebooting again to no avail. When I start-up I can see all three LED’s lighting up so its not broken

Can any body clarify whats going on?

Contact Emlid support. I had a similar case, where my unit was replaced.

Thanks a lot, I just send them a message
The strange things is that , after many reboots, suddenly the Blue LED came on and now its transmitting WIFI
It does not fill me with confidence , maybe something went wrong during installation of the firmware

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