No updates for 3 weeks

Hi all,
I’ve seen this and since then I’m quite excited about it. But there seems to be quite some silence since the post where the team states that the accessories are in. And prior to that they stated they were comparing the quality of the industrially made PCBs with their hand-soldered ones.
Shall I presume something wrong happened there ? Anyway, please drop us some news, good or bad. In engineering there’s always (un)expected cycles of iterations where you have to correct/improve something on your product. It’s just a fact of life. However no info is not good.

I’d like to hear any other comments

Lol these guys are super busy! I would not worry about it for now. They have some of the right guy’s helping them with the port. So I’m sure they are very busy!

Keep up the great work guy’s! I’ll get more time to help out this winter.


Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of communication, we’ve really been overwhelmed with production, logistics, coding and a lot of other stuff. We didn’t even notice that notifications from the forum were broken, so we didn’t get any%) We’ll fix them soon and promise to be more responsive.

Currently we are waiting for the manufacturer to finish the batch of Navio boards, to test them and start shipping. We’ve also made some work on the ArduPilot port too with the help of Andrew Tridgell. AHRS, Baro, RCInput, RCOutput - all that stuff works now and the rest is coming very soon.