No telemetry. Still possible?

Hello all!

I’m Pepe Fernández, from Spain. My pleasure to introduce myself here.

Absolutely no new to RC in general, nor in quads, nor APM.

I’m gathering all stuff to put my Raspbi 2+ to fly. I manage to get a 4th hand Navio+, Raspi, old motors, esc and a fully hit F450 frame.

Lab purposes.

But unfortunately I’ve sold my APM telemetry.

Once I have raspi image + ardupilot running…

how am I going to connect the raspi+(Navio+) to the laptop with Mission Planner?

A bit confused? Shall I look for a telemetry kit??

Thanks for your support.


It is possible. But is is not advised.
Es possible, pero… no te lo acosejo.

Hello, @jferfre!

To connect your Raspberry Pi and Navio to the laptop you need to have them in the same network. Just follow the instructions in our docs.

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