No telemetry data on sudo reboot

I am sending telemetry data to qgroundcontrol via UDP and noticed that whenever I do a sudo reboot the telemetry data in the HUD is not working.

Do you mean the HUD does not work when you reconnect to qground after reboot?

Could you please provide more info about your actions? Step by step.

That is correct. The HUD does not move at all.

I just did a simple sudo reboot and noticed that the app has to be restarted for the HUD to work

QGC sends datarate setup to flight controller during first connection.
QGC doesn’t know about Navio’s state (is it powered on or off), and when the connection is lost, QGC just waits for reconnect.

From QGC’s perspective it will be not the first connection, so no setting will be send.

Try to use disconnect button which appears on connection lost. Then connect again after Navio is booted.
But when connection is restored already and HUD is dead you have to restart QGC unfortunately.

Yes i was thinking the same thing as well as QGC is setup to automatically sign in when UDP is detected so I think I should just do it manually