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No solution data in RTKPOST

(Emma Cody) #1

I am attempting to post process several months of data collected from a Tersus Precis 305 on a slowly deforming landslide. Base station data is from a separate publically available site about 40km away (nothing closer).

I have been attempting to use RTKPOST in static for this but every time i run it there are no results (or occasionally one line at a random date within the study period.

I have initially set it up with the basic setup and following various suggestions from other forums have dabbled with various options with no luck. Running in single mode is fine for the rover data. It runs in kinematic and fixed but just not in static.

Any help appreciated.


(Andrew Yushkevich) #3

Can I ask you to share your logs, @emma.cody?
I’ll try to post-process them.

(Emma Cody) #5

It wont allow me to upload as it isnt recognising the obs or nav data. Is there another way to send to you?


(Christian Grüner) #6

You use a file service, like wetransfer.com

(Andrew Yushkevich) #8

You can upload logs to Google Drive, Dropbox etc. and share a link here or in PM.

(Emma Cody) #9

Great here you go
mydata nav and obs are the rover and base are the 0520 files. This is the first week of base station data but all ~8 months of rover.

Thanks again