No signals for CH9 and above

Hi there

I cannot see any CHxIN values in Mission Planner for channels 9-14, though the channel data seems to be coming in OK from the receiver.

Also, I cannot see any CHxOUT values for channels 9-14. For example, using the gimbal settings to map RC6 input -> RC6 works fine; RC6 input -> RC10 does not.

Any help would be much appreciated.

I’ve recently reloaded the OS and APM code on my QuadCopter using the latest versions on the site, but this is the first time trying to use these channels. Everything else seems ok, though I haven’t actually flown it since the update.


Frsky X9D/XSR
RPi 2 B
OS: emlid-raspbian-20160408
APM: apm-navio2_3.4-unstable.deb, but apt-get update/upgrade performed

Hi Phil,

PPM on FRSky only outputs 8 channels afaik. Have you tried sbus?

Hi Igor

I am using the SBUS output, and I can see the data changing for ch10/11/14 on a scope - so the txmtr/recvr data seem to be ok.

(you are right about the PPM having 8 channels)

Hi Phil,

The ChxOUT values is a known issue for ArduPilot. It looks like there is a fix that hasn’t been merged yet because it creates issues with Mission Planner.

The CHxIN values I think are a problem with MP, since I am able to see them on recent betas of QGroundControl.

Hi Nate,

I had made an assumption (definitely a bad move in this case) that MP shows the actual outputs correctly, and hadn’t gone any further in checking the Navio - which is happily giving the correct output!!

So Nate, thanks for the background

Igor, the 50Hz outputs on these channels seems fine - but you knew that anyway!!

Thanks all