No Sigmas via NMEA for 3rd party device

I have RS2, I work with RV3 and with a data collector with FieldGenius (Windows).
The points recorded in the FG, when exported as ASCII, do not take the registration of the sigmas.
This is normal?
How can I fix this?

Hi Mauricio,

I’m not much experienced with FieldGenius, but I assume that you need to create a custom export format to accomplish it. Then, you can add required columns for ASCII file: Point ID, Northing, Easting, Elevation and their RMS respectively.

You can check this page to learn more.


I was using a format that I had configured for my old South and it was exporting correctly, but not with RS2.

Just for me to understand better, does the position transmission via NMEA also transmit its sigma?


The GST type of NMEA messages contains position error statistics. You can check its meanings here.

But if we talk about RMS (root mean square) exported from FieldGenius, it’s calculated while the point is collected right in the software. It is rather an a posteriori value, whereas position error from GST is a priori.

So, the GST will transmit GNSS position error statistics at the moment, while the RMS will be calculated by the field software, is that right?

Is there any delay in transmitting the position via NMEA?

Hi Mauricio,

Yes, that’s true.

I assume that there is, and it depends on the broadcast capacity of Bluetooth, if you use it as a way to transmit position. I also don’t think that it may affect significantly on the resulting accuracy.

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