No RTK with Manual Base Station Point

Hello All,

I am unable to transmit corrections over LoRa radio from my base unit to rover unit when the base unit is set to “Base Mode” and a manual (known) point is used. Am I missing something silly?

Thanks in advance for the help!

I’ve had this happen before when the coordinates I input were too far away from the averaged point.

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@chascoadmin what was your fix? Averaging for a longer period of time? Is there a way to reset the averaged point?

That true

Yup, just change the average time and i should find a new averaged position.

If your average position works and your rover will recive correction it might be the wrong format has been filled in. Do you have a screenshot of you base setting?

Thanks for the help! I ended up averaging for about 5 minutes then switching to manual. Afterwards, I was able to maintain a fix between the base and rover units via LoRa.


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