No receiver connected RS+

Hi there,
i bought two Emlid Reach RS+ units about 3 years ago and have not used them since. When I got them everything worked fine. I now finally want to use the units but its not working.

I connected my phone to the wifi of the Reach RS+ and download the (new) “Emlid flow” app but it displays “No receiver connected” whilst I actually am connected to the unit.

Should it behave like this? is it because I have not installed the latest firmware?, Even if the firmware is not upto date I find it strange the app cannot find the unit and before I start doing this can somebody pls advise me.

Thanks very much

Hi @michielluijken,

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If you haven’t updated receivers for a few years, old firmware can be a cause of your inability to connect in the Emlid Flow, but I agree you should at least see RS+ in the application.

I’d suggest to reflash the firmware. It will update the Reach device and bring it to its initial state. Please note that after the flash, all of the logs will be deleted as well.

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