No RC Input. Navio2, FrSky X8R SBUS


I’m just starting out trying to get through initial setup.

Everything ran all well until trying to calibrate the RC input. I get no values at all.

I have connected a FrSky D8R on the SBUS output (16ch) to Navio2 input 1 and I get no movement at all.

Calibrating compass etc all worked out fine.

Do I need to change a setting for it to recieve SBUS?

If I look at the ch0 with “cat ch0” I can see the values fine. So the Navio seems to input SBUS correctly but I cannot see it in Mission Planner. Compass, gyro etc shows up fine.

Updated to the 3.4 developer version and Voila! RC Input. :slight_smile:

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