No PWM output with ardurover

Hello here, I’m new,

My Navio2 on a RPi3B could be configured completely for a skid-controlled rover in a research project. No issues, sensors calibrated, PPM checked, channels calibrated, all well. I think, I’m on channels 1 and 3. Arming with QGCS was OK, but I dind’t get output at the PWM, confirmed using an oscilloscope. Trying, the servo out example given I got the ‘APM running’ message. So I stopped rover. Then the servo out example worked. So, the HW seems to be allright. Are there any common issues and solutions? I searched this forum and haven’t found anything reasonanble.
Thanks for help, would be much appreciated.

Hi Ulrich,

Welcome to the forum!

Did you confirm that the servo connected to a servo rail moved or just that the script started?

I didn’t have a servo connected, but the oscilloscope showed a reasonable PWM.

I see, thanks for specifying this!

In this case, it’s probably better to double-check that the radios are calibrated correctly. You can also test the RC Input example to see if you get any values from the selected PWM channels.

It is strange, a second Navio2, setup in exactly the same way, worked. I have to recheck the other one, possibly set it up from scratch again, if I still cannot make it work.

It’s a good idea to set everything up from scratch. Hopefully, it’ll help!

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