No puedo conectar a reach

Hello. I’m having trouble connecting reach rs using Reachview 3.

Attached image. What do you suggest?

Hi Mario,

What are LED statuses of the devices?

What if you force them to a hotspot mode? You need to get them away of your Wi-Fi network range and reboot them.

Hi Mario,

How is it going?

Hello, I have already performed the action and it does not connect with reachview3. Fortunately I have the above app to connect my Reach RS, however I want to connect with reachview3 to use the improvements provided.

What other action should I do?

Hello Mario,
What is the firmware version installed on the receivers?

Hi Mario,

Agree with Zinedine: you probably need to update your Reach RS devices. You can do that via Reach Panel, a browser version. As I got, you managed to access the Reach there.

But if you have an old firmware, you should reflash the device to update it. This guide can help with it.

Thanks, I’ll take it into account and let you know.

Hi Mario,

Have you had a chance to reflash the devices?

Mario, a mi me sucede exactamente igual. Prueba a desactivar los datos moviles de tu celular, si tienes tus receptores en modo hotspot.

It just happened the same today with my RS2 both Base and Rover. Last night just upgraded Reachview3 app in my smartphone, and today appeared this bug.

It did not happened before, and after some fail attempts with my android phone, turned on my laptop, connected at reach hotspot with address, and configured the base to do some logging to had some of the job done.

Later today, figured out that disabling mobile data, could connect to receiver. Other solution is to set phone to a hotspot mode itself, and share connection to the RS2.

Firmware version: 28.4
Phone: Moto G8 with Android 11
App: ReachView3 latest upgrade.

Keep trying!

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Hi @jorgelopez044,

Did you disable mobile data on Reach? Or on your mobile phone?

Asking because it’s not normal Reach’s behavior, and we’d like to reproduce and fix it.

Hi Svetlana,

I disabled mobile data on my Phone, while it was connected to Reach RS2 own wifi. That corrected the problem and finally ReachView3 App got connected and started to work.

I have found that this issue happens only with Moto phones. In other brands does not happen.

Oh, it’s very rare, but it happens to some Android phones. Thanks for sharing that!

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