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No OBS file from RTKCONV

(S) #1

Hi all,

i’m using a Reach M+ on a quadcopter. Updated to the last version, i’ve done a small flight today, recording it into log. I wired it to a camera trigger signal which comes from the flight controller (camera control correctly reports trigger events) and the emlid Lora datalink. On ground, there’s a Reach RS+ configured as base to send corrections via lora link to the rover. RTL correction shows correctly into rover’s reachview. Rover gets an average of 15 sats, base over 20 (23 typical)

At the end of flight, i downloaded raw UBX, put into emlid’s RTKCONV and only NAV file comes, no OBS. I can’t go on processing. Any idea?

(Christian Grüner) #2

Try shutting down rtkconv, delete the rtkconv.ini, start rtkconv again and re-enter your settings, then re-convert your .ubx

(S) #3

It worked! Thanks!