No NMEA messages (POSITION OUTPUT on Reach M+) after firmware update

Not getting NMEA message output after firmware update of REACH m+. I updated from firmware 2.17 to 2.22 and now I am not getting any NMEA messages outputted out of the serial port. Previously I was getting all messages printed except GGA (which is a second issue) . I updated the firware in hopes to resolve this issue but now I am not seeing any messages at all.

Example of message prior to update:

Question 1: Why is the GGA message not present and how enable it ?

Question 2: Why am I not seeing any messages after update

same setup.

Thanks in advance.

Update resets everything, check your app pages.

Glad you brought this up.

@tatiana.andreeva is there a way to save your settings them load them in again after the update process?

I just updated mine after my beta tester had iPhone connection issues. I had to redo each page manually. Would be nice to reload settings.

I see this as an issue of deploying larger numbers of emlids.


Hey there,


It looks like the device has no solution status: that’s why NMEA strings are empty. Please, make sure it shows at least SIngle in the Status tab.


Usually, the firmware update should not reset the settings to default. However, the reflashing procedure indeed resets them.

It’d be great if you create a separate thread with the description of the issue. A screencast would be of much help there.

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