No NET (blue) light, PWR (orange) and STAT (green) are on

The NET (blue) light on my Reach RS+ does not come on after the initial booting sequence flashes. The PWR (oragne) and STAT (green) lights come on in the correct sequence and stay solid. I have reflashed the unit a few time with Reach Plus v2.14.0. I have checked for a the WiFi hotspot, but there is not one. I have had other issues with this unit; has had internals errors, which required reflashing. Anyone have the same problem and know of a fix.


Hi @amclemore,

I’m afraid this is the software issue. Now we’re working on the release with the fix.

Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with any ETA, however, I definitely will write back to you when the update with the fix will be available.

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