No Mountpoint with RS2 (Reachview 3)

Hey there

I use the RS2 Rover with the latest Reachview 3 version 28.4.
We have our NTRIP connection via Refnet (Switzerland) which actually works very well.
But on one device we can’t get a connection to the mountpoint. In the selection menu, no possible connections to the mountpoint are displayed. If I enter the mount point manually (with a known address which works for the other devices), it cannot be found either.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi @celine.zimmermann,

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Usually, when you enter the address and the port, the mount points should download automatically. Was it like this from the very beginning?

Thanks Liudmila

We have several other rovers and tablets in use (all the same type and in the same combination) they all work perfectly.
It’s just that one that makes trouble.
Only this one device doesn’t want to. A fortnight ago it worked without any problems.
That’s why I’m so irritated about these connection problems.


I see now; thanks for clarifying this for me!

Do you work with the latest ReachView 3 app version (6.16)? With this version, we’ve added verbose warning messages showing when something is wrong with NTRIP credentials or mount points. Can you double-check with this version if it shows any detailed messages? It can help me to understand why it happens.

Please also share the Full system report from the device to It contains sensitive data, so it’s better not to share it publicly. I want to check if there are some records on this unsuccessful connection.

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