No more access via ssh after connection to Mission Planner

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and a Navio2. I access from my Windows PC (8.1) via Putty per SSH to the Raspi. This works without any problems.
I would like to try ROS and have followed the complete manual on the homepage. However, after I started the Arducopter (first I had version 3.6.5 and later updated to 3.6.7) and connected to the Ground Control Station via UDP, I couldn’t access the Raspi via SSH anymore and Putty’s connection was disconnected.
I tried several GCS (Mission Planner, APMPlanner2 and QGroundControl) and the problem kept coming back. i have no idea what this is about or how to fix this problem, also i didn’t find anything here in the forum.
thank you very much in advance for the help and tips.

Hi @marienpuenktchen,

Do you ssh to RPi using ssh pi@navio.local or ssh pi@<RPI_IP_address>?
RPi might change its IP address in the network.

I use Putty to make the ssh connection from a PC running Windows 8 to the RPI IP address. The RPI IP address is set in the router (static), so I do not think that could be the problem. The connection with ssh works perfectly until I launch Mission Planner (in the PC) and connect with the autopilot.

Hi @marienpuenktchen,

Do you use the latest Navio2 image?

May I ask you to post here the step-by-step actions you accomplish trying to ssh on RPi with the screenshots?

yes first of all I used the current Navio2 image from the emlid homepage and followed the instructions. That didn’t work, as I said.
I then used the previous version and connecting with the Mission Planner and the subsequent access via SSH was no longer a problem.
For this reason I suspect that there is a problem with the current image. Because with the older version there are no problems and I was able to do the tutorial (for ROS) completely and without problems.
I will now work with the old version. Many thanks for your help.

Hi Alex,

This is strange as I couldn’t reproduce the issue using the current image. Everything works as expected.

Anyway, great to hear you resolved it.


I have two Rpi-Navio units.

First one is from the old image updated to last Update-upgrade and one with the latest image from Emlid.

UDP connect with Mission planner over wifi on both units is fine

ssh pi@NavioIP is OK for the two units.


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