No mobile network

Hi at all,
I am in a location in which cell phone signal coverage is non-existent.
How can I still proceed with points survey with Emlid RS2 (single receiver)?
Is there a way to still collect data for eventual post-processing?


If you have access to correction data, you can use stop&go.
You can read more about it here How to log data for Stop & Go with Emlid Flow | Reach RS2/RS2+

I assume it survey and not stake out?

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yes survey.
But when you write “…access to correction data,…” you mean during the survey? In this case no. No signal at all…
Sorry I’m quite a newbie


Dont have to be at the same time, you could download it afterwards.
What service do you use when you have cellular network?

NTRIP services from Italian regions (depending on the location).

I hope I answered you correctly


Thats ok.
They usually offer a download of the same data too, if you check.
There is a workaround if not, but the easiest is to just download from their site.
Do they have a official site or a link to the service you use, you could share?

Well, for examples in this area, I’ll use the following service from Lazio Region (IP port 2101).
Other services are paid and account and password based, but I will definitely pay attention to the availability of data per download.

But then I’ll ask you a question right away: obviously, I have to download at survey done, right?

OK, let me check.

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you are very kind

Sorry, seems it blocking from outside users. I cant get data from the adresse.
RTKlib is a tool that can record data stream if you point it to the right address, if you like to try?
Download the raw file from here RTKLIB_bin/bin/rtknavi.exe at rtklib_2.4.3 · tomojitakasu/RTKLIB_bin · GitHub
And set it up to receive correction data and store in a location on a compuer you have access to.
It been a while since i did this

Also, you can read more about this here
At page 77

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I’ll check what you suggest for post-processing
Thank you


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Hi Francesco,

Welcome to the community!

I can’t actually add anything to @TB_RTK’s points. To use the PPK after your survey, you really can download the data from your NTRIP service if they let you do it.

I can suggest going through these docs as it may help you further on:

If you have any remaining questions, we’re here to help you!

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