No luck with my Emlid

I never have much luck but recently thats gone to a whole new lever.
My own Rs2 had to be sent back due to a fault, now the Rs2 sent as a temp hire wont work. It wont turn on and when i plug it in, either tge white light flash across all 5 as if it staring to load but never stop with tge flashing light, or it has a single solid red light but this never goes off.
Can anyone shed any light on whats goes on?

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Hi @sgeyeuk,

I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your receiver. We’ve sent the replacement, and it’s on the way.

Meanwhile, let’s try the following troubleshooting steps with your temporary unit:

  • When you press the power button, is there any LED reaction? Does it reacts only when it’s on the charger?

  • Also, let’s put your unit to charge overnight (for at least 9 hours). After that, does the power LED become solid?

  • Is it possible to see your receiver’s hotspot in the phone’s available networks list?

I have been told that the new unit is on its way, thank you. The faulty unit is with Heliguy at the moment.
I did try charging it over night and nothing changed, it still did not work. When i pressed the power button the 5 power indicator light would flash across but it would go no further or the first LED would light red but never changed.
Finally no the receiver did not show up on my phone networks.
I hope that helps.

essayer de brancher une batterie externe
moi sa marche j’ai un problème similaire

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Thank you for troubleshooting! I believe at this state, the fastest way to get you back working with the Reach is to get you the replacement unit. We are in touch with our dealer about your situation. We’ll update you on the status of your new unit shortly.

If anyone has any similar issues, feel free to start a new thread or write to us at, and we will look into it.

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Well i got the new unit today and guess what? I can’t turn on mobile data!!! and also i cant connect via Bluetooth with out my hotspot being on.
I really am losing it with these units. Could i be so unlucky to have another defective unit?

Hi @sgeyeuk,

I’ve sent you an email. Let’s continue the troubleshooting there as it may require sensitive data.