No labels when choosing DXF export with labels

The option to export file in DXF WITH PONT LABELS format does not work, it generates an empty TXT file, I don’t know what is required to generate the correct file.

Hi Jesús,

What coordinate system do you work in? Our DXF export works when you have a project in a projected coordinate system. If you use the Global CS option, the DXF export wouldn’t find appropriate points for the export.

I’m using WGS84 Zone 12 N

I can export to dxf file but no with point labels.

Hi Jesús,

Could you please send your DXF and CSV files to me? You can share them either via PM here on the forum or through We’ll check them to see the cause of the issue.

Also, please elaborate on the model of the device you use and its OS version. (17.8 KB)
Here are the files that are generated for a job done, I explain in parentheses in the file name the type of export that was performed and in the case of the TXT file it is the name that is generated in the file exported as DXF WITH PONT LABELS.

This work was done with a REACH RS2 device and the firmware version is 28.4. La version de la App utilizada es la 7.2

Got it, thanks! Can you share the phone/tablet you’re working with? Its OS version will be of use as well. It’ll help us to establish

Sure, I work with a HUAWEI NOVA 5T cell phone which has Android version 10 installed.

Got you! We’re checking this out.

Hi Jesús,

We can’t reproduce this issue on our devices somehow. We get a DXF with labels without any issues on several Android devices.

That’s why I wanted to ask you to try reinstalling the app to check if it helps. To keep your data, make sure to sign in to your Emlid Account in the app: this way, all your projects, NTRIP profiles, and custom coordinate systems will be easily restored after the reinstallation of the app.

I have discovered that when I export my dxf files with labels to my space in the cloud, it is when an empty text file is generated, but if I export to my E-mail account the file is generated correctly with its labels, with this it remains solved my problem. Thanks.

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Hi Jesús,

Thanks for the update! Good to know you can export your files correctly. We’ll see if there’s any way we can handle it on our side.

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