No IP address of my RS+ when connect with mobil hotspot

Hi, I would like to connect my reach RS+ with the wifi hotspot of my Android mobil to connect it with the NTRIP Service.
My mobil shows that reach is connected to the hotspot (it shows the MAC address) and also the blue LED is blinking on reach. But it is not possible to find the IP-address of RS+ even with Fing. So I could not enter reach view with my browser (reach view app does not work on my mobil - but that´s not the problem). How could I find the IP address? Thank You

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The blinking Network LED you described indeed shows that Reach RS+ is connected to the mobile hotspot. Reach RS+ may be denoted as an “AMPAK Technology” device in the Fing app.

May I ask you to check if the “AMPAK Technology” device is displayed in the Fing app when Reach RS+ is connected to the hotspot?

Hi Anastasiia, thank you for your answer. The IP-address could not be found on my Handy even with Fing. But I could solve the Problem with using an older Handy. There it Shows the IP-address.
Both Android Handys the older Version works. I could work with that!

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