NO Internal Storage Available(0.00/0.00) for Reach Rs

I just received my Reach RS+ units. I named one the base and one the rover. My rover will allow me to save projects and log raw files. My base on the other hand, will not allow me to save a project or log raw files. Under the logging screen, there shows 0.00mb/0.00gb available. Basically, it looks like I received a unit that does not have internal storage capabilities. I did all the required set-ups. I can run RTK just fine, but I will want the capability to use PPK.


Matt from Pennsylvania

Hi @matthewboozer,

Can I ask you to update your Reach base to the latest v2.15 dev version? You can subscribe to dev channel in ReachView Settings tab.

Hi @tatiana.andreeva

thank you for the prompt reply. I have updated the base unit to v2.15 dev. - also my rover while I was at it. I am now seeing storage space within my base logging tab. Thank you.


Hi tatiana
I resolved the problem, i tried over and over and over again

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