No Heartbeat Radio

I complete new and learning fast at the moment. The telemetry radio does not have a heartbeat.

With Missionplanner 1.3.65 And ArduRover 3.4.2 In the Sik Radio Part I get the Local information, but no remote information.

I there a possebility to do a kind of diagnostics on the raspberry to check if the radio connected to the Navio2 board is working well?

Hi @guido,

Please share with us:

  • hardware setup photos;
  • the content of /etc/default/ardurover file.



Some photo’s with the asked information.


Have you connected 5V and GND radio pins to corresponded Navio2 UART pins?

yes I did, the green led is blinking. It should be continious on to have a fix.

Is it an option to buy an usb-rs232 converter and try to connect thru USB?


Blinking green means the radio module is searching for another radio.

Are you sure you set up similar settings on both radio modules?


The Air part does not have a USB connection. I m going to get a USB-RS232 converter. Then I’m able to connect it to a PC to check the settings.


Are you sure your radio has RS-232 output, not UART?
Could you please share the datasheet of this radio module?

It is uart


So, you’ll need USB to UART converter, not USB to RS-232. Am I missing something?

You are right. I did order the wrong one.

I did get the UART coverter. Connect everything and still no link between the radio’s.

What I did:

  • connected the groundradio to my notebook and did an update of the firmware
  • connected the airradio to my notebook and did an update of the firmware
  • connected the groundradio to my notebook
  • connected the airradio to the raspberry (USB)
  • did change the settings from UART to USB on the raspberry

Now the radio’s pair, green led’s are solid.

But when I try to connect with missionplanner, no connection with the rover. When I connect the rover with a cable, over UDP evrything isworking well.

I think I’m close, but I miss something.

Hi @guido,

May I ask you to share the /etc/default/ardurover file content again?

Hi @tatiana.andreeva,

Thank you for your effort. after a restart it is running well.

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