No GPS fix, even outdoors, Navio2 standard antenna

Hi All

I have a hard time getting a GPS fix even when outdoors.
I stripped the system down to power module/battery, 433mhz USB UART and standard GPS antenna all located in the garden on a wooden table.

I run, in /etc/rc.local

sudo ArduPlane -C /dev/ttyUSB0 > /home/pi/apm.log

and connect with apmplanner2

sometimes, like 3-4 times in over 2 hours of testing I got a 3D fix but the rest of the time GPS Sats 0 and GPS fix 1

Could my antenna be broken? or the Navio?

I’d really appreciate any feedback



I made a fresh image with emlid-raspbian-20160408.img
and build ArduPilot-3.5.2 from git and now
after about 2 mins from power on and running u-center i find sats.

so… don’t know what the problem was.