No GPS c++ example Ublox test not passed

Hi guys,

Seems my gps is not working…

I have updated image and build APM on the pi APMrover2 works but no GPS

When I test the GPS as per example on the site I get:

pi@navio ~/Navio/C++/Examples/GPS $ make gps
g++ -I …/… -c -Wall gps.cpp
g++ -I …/… -c -Wall …/…/Navio/Ublox.cpp
g++ gps.o Ublox.o -o gps
rm -rf *.o
pi@navio ~/Navio/C++/Examples/GPS $ ./gps
Ublox test not passed
Abort program!

Any thoughts?



Can you please make:

uname -a

And copypaste here.

pi@navio ~/Navio/Python/GPS $ uname -a
Linux navio 3.12.26-rt40+ #1 PREEMPT RT Fri Sep 19 23:59:27 MSK 2014 armv6l GNU/Linux

the python example gives:
pi@navio ~/Navio/Python/GPS $ python
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 3, in
import spidev
ImportError: No module named spidev

This looks like very old image. What do you mean by updated?

Can you please install latest image and try again?

ja image is old but thought a upgrade update would get me up to date again …?

ok I will get the newer image from jan 15 right?

Hugo, update upgrade might break stuff currently. It would be better to get updated images from our website.
After you install Jan 15 everything should be fine.

ok now I am on the new image, build apm planner from sources…

pi@navio-rpi ~/git/Navio/C++/Examples/GPS $ uname -a
Linux navio-rpi 3.12.36-rt50+ #1 PREEMPT RT Tue Jan 20 02:28:06 MSK 2015 armv6l GNU/Linux

gps example works…! great…

but no coordinates… possibly because inside the house…

Current GPS status:
gpsFixOk: 0
gps Fix status: no fix

Current location data:
iTOW: 502772.400000
Latitude: 0.000000
Longitude: 0.000000
Height: 0.000000

There is also no led light on
what is the best way to position the GPS antenna?

thx so far