No Glonass data in base file?

hi! i did send a data set to rtklibexplorer…

he did not find glo satellite data in rinex files…

is that the reason why i can not get different solutions when i use rtkpost?



I don’t really follow. What did you send?

You could check for disabled RTCM3 messages. They might be the reason GLONASS is missing from base corrections.

1117 & 1127 are disabled all others are active…

i see glo satelittes in reach view…

i see glo in reach view
and if i use rtknavi i see glo in rtcm stream


What is the RINEX version? Did you convert the logs to RINEX yourself or used the ones Reach produced?

Could you please send me the logs via a PM?


I used it from reach.
rinex is in reach set to 3.02

i did send the zip file downloaded from reach.

Link in post…


if have used the .obs file download from reach. if have find gps&glo sat in rov .obs but no glo sats in
reverence .obs.

now i have used rtkconv at my laptop to convert the rtcm3 file to obs.

now i can find the glo sats.

i think you have an error in your rtconv ini?



It seems we have a bug and RINEX files with RINEX v3 or older don’t have GLONASS observations. We will investigate and update this thread when this is fixed.

For now, it is recommended to use RINEX v2.