No fix solution with ppk

Hello everyone,
Less rigor please! I am new to the forum.
After several drone flights and data processing, my observation is that I do not get FIX solutions in PPK.
Can you help me ?



Emlid Studio app version : 1.5
Drone : Deltaquadpro #MAP
payload : Sony A7RIV
Rover : Reach M2
Base : Reach RS2 - with known coordinates - Manual Mode
RAW download link :


Images Installations :

Hi @nezzus,

Welcome to our forum!

I’ve checked your data and can draw a conclusion that such a result is caused by poor data quality. Take a look at the screenshots below:

You can see that there are red bars showing cycle slips. They appear when the signal is interrupted due to obstacles nearby or substantial interference. Moreover, pay close attention to the fact that SNR fluctuates periodically: it looks like an alternation of blue and purple or purple and orange bars in the plot:

You can compare it with the base log quality where there are no SNR oscillations and cycle slips occur only when satellites are close to the horizon, which is expected:

All of this indicates that Reach M2 is affected by strong interference from drone electronics. I’d recommend you lift up the antenna according to the guide and isolating Reach from all potential interference sources to avoid such issues.

Also, you can check some more information and hints in a similar thread in the forum regarding the DeltaQuad drone.

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