No FIX for RS+ Base using NTRIP

Hey all, needing help please figuring this out. We’re unable to get FIX on our base using NTRIP.

  1. RS+ v30.2 and Emlid Flow 8.9. The device used for Emlid Flow is an iPad.

Emlid_simple_report.pdf (53.5 KB)
3) When the RS+ base is connected to NTRIP, it doesn’t fix or takes a long time to, then goes back to float.
4) The base is setup and turned on. All base settings are set using the start guide by Emlid. Using Emlid Flow, the base is connected to a portable Telstra WiFi dongle and correction Input is set to NTRIP.

Is there anything here that jumps out as obvious? Can provide more info.


Hi @mark_gps,

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This is because you’re working on a 27.8 km baseline with a single-band Reach RS+. Single-band receivers work on up to 10 km baselines, a longer baseline will either cause issues or make it impossible to get FIX on such distances.

You can try checking a mount point table to see if there are bases closer to your location. If not, the only option is to use your own base or work with multi-band receivers such as Reach RS2+ or Reach RX. They can work up to 60 km baselines.


As Kirill already pointed out that is a long baseline for an L1-only receiver but I am curious as to what an analysis of the data connection looks like. Everything else except the age of corrections looks good. Run a speed test while in that location to a service that provides both ping latency and connection jitter and that will better define the stability of the connection which I believe will show why your age of corrections is probably all over the place and north of 2 seconds. I am not sure what services you have there but this is the one I use. You might have to find something more local that will utilize servers closer to you.

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Great, thank you both for helping.

I’m still learning so this is all good info. This morning we went back to the same site and managed to get a FIX after connecting to a different mount point. I have more screenshots.

1. Status screen when in FIX

2. Result of speed test while in FLOAT

3. Result of speed test while in FIX

Seems like a poor internet connection overall.

That’s pretty much exactly what I expected to see. This proves how little speed you need as long as ping/jitter stay down below 100/50ms. Thanks for the screenshots!

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