No event in pos file

Hi guys,

That is probably a dumb question, but I have to ask:

I have Reach module, connected to Sony camera hotshoe. I see 20 events captured when I trig with ReachView under camera control page.
I have the good events number in Rinex 3.03 (20 lines with " 5 0" at the end). But nothing in my xxx_events.pos after running RTKPost b27. The xxx.pos file is ok. RTK fixed everywhere.
What did I make wrong ??

Maybe the problem is RTKPOST’s output single solution is off by default? Try going to options->output->single solution. Set to on and reprocess.

Tried it, no change

Please share the logs via PM, I’ll look into it.

Sorry, I got it ! Positioning mode was on static (I was trying on a fixed position). Kinematic is ok and give proper events file.
Thanks Egor for pointing me in the good “option path”.

By the way : I should live near a black hole…


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