No elevation data logged

I’ve just got my first two units. After spending some time reading though the online manual and testing with the units every things looks great minus two things. one is more of an ios interface issue and wont let me put in a decimal point in the antenna height field. the second and more problematic issue is that in the survey… there is no height/elevation data collected? I have a static fix on the base and fix on the rover. but still no elevation data.


Regarding the antenna height, we will check this and fix it in the next release.

I’ve seen the screenshot you sent us with the missing height. Definitely a bug. Could you please PM me this project exported to GeoJSON so I could peform some more debugging?


Just sent tim my logs ( base & rover ) and a test surevy json file

Should have sent it to me without causing @timvand the trouble. Anyways, after checking the files out, the answer is quite simple. You have just tested it a little too high in the mountains. This is nothing more than a small visualization bug, the interface was not ready for such big numbers to display. Overall, the system should be working OK. This will be squashed in the next update.

Sorry, I purchease from tim and just wanted to keep him in the loop. whats your email? Thanks for looking at it! I didnt have a chance to download the file and look at it. when will the next update be out?

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Should be by the end of this week. You can reach me via forum’s private messages.

It’s all good. I appreciate it and not a problem.