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I followed the instruction of running ROS and running Mavros for Navio2 and get “the topic [/Mavros] does not seem to be publish yet” when running the command "rostopic echo /mavros/imu/data " or “rostopic echo /mavros/”. But before jumping into the details, I got two general questions for the command for launching the MAVROS.

  1. why do I need to have ground station in order to received data from sensors such as IMU on the raspberry 3 board. Does not the IMU data just go through directly trough MAVROS node running on ROS. How does this has to do with ground station installed on my laptop? I got totally confused…

  2. for parameters “gcs_url:=udp://14551@XXX.XX.XX.XX:14550”, how I should set these parameters (i.e., “14551” “14550”)? Actually, a more general question would be: what does these ports number mean?

  3. A superficial question: how can I type “” by using a keyboard connected to raspberry? It gave me another symbol?

pi@navio: ~ $ rosrun mavros mavros_node

Hello there!

Sorry it’s taken us so long to get back at you.

There’s no need for a GCS. The GCS is used only as a trigger for telemetery outputting. The same can be achieved by

rosservice call /mavros/set_stream_rate 0 10 1

as described here.

This has something to do with locales. The default one is en_GB. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a british company, so the default is a british keyboard layout. You can change that by using sudo raspi-config.

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