No Data/Connection - NMEA TCP Server Position Streaming

Hi, what are the steps to setup position and compensation data streaming, through TCP, to a Windows 11 laptop?

I am trying to steam NMEA data from a rover, using the TCP Server option, to a Windows 11 laptop and using Wireshark to view the data. I am streaming this through the rover’s Wi-Fi hotspot without an internet connection.
I cannot seem to get any data and sometimes there is no TCP connection at all. I have only successfully captured NMEA strings once and now I am no longer able to replicate it.

I am using two Reach RS3’s. One as a base and another as a rover. The rover is receiving correction data through LoRa radio. I can connect an android tablet through the Wi-Fi hotspot which works perfectly using EMLID Flow, and I can get data, but I need to be able to send position and compensation data to the laptop.

I have made sure to double check the GNSS update rate is above the position streaming rate.
I have tried different TCP server ports.
All the NMEA messages are left at default values (GGA/ETC is 5Hz, all others are 1Hz)
Both the base and rover are up to date using firmware: 31.8
EMLID Flow version is: 10.5
I always make sure that the base has a solution and is transmitting corrections, and that the rover has a fix and compensation data is available. Furthermore, I check if I can get data on the app using the android tablet before moving on to connecting with the laptop.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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I figured this out. I am unsure why my first test worked. It made me think I could just use Wireshark to see the data. Instead, if I connect to the rover using PuTTY, I can then use Wireshark to capture the data being sent.

Hi Kaitlyn,

Glad to hear that it works now! From your explanation, it shows that the Base and Rover are able to pass and receive the data.

Also, Reach Rover successfully sent position streaming, but it was somehow unstable. I am not too familiar with Wireshark, but it might be possible that you need PuTTY to communicate with a TCP server and then capture it with Wireshark.