No data after postprocessing

I’m having issues postprocessing. I have done this a couple of times with excellent results. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong this time.

First, I am using Reachview v2.5.3. Not sure of the firmware version, but I flashed to the most recent version in early June.

Essentially, the resultant data from postprocessing is empty. The file is c. 2k. Here is an image of the files:

I followed the instructions here:
With of course, a few variants.
Here are images of my settings for conversion:
Options screen:

And postprocessing:

Note that, for positioning of the Base, I tried “RINEX Header”, “Average of Single Position” and “Lat/Long/Height”. Results were the same.

Here’s a link to the data:

Why is my resultant .pos file empty? I am hoping that this is something very simple. Could this be due to a change in the data collection process?

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I think you might have converted RTCM with wrong time and/or set option i post to something that would not get you anything better then SINGEL. And if you have singel output display disabled, nothing is going to show.

Also, there is alot of interference on you rover. Did you use propper grounplate of metal about 10cm radius and no noisy device around the antenna?
Those red bars are bad news


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