NO correction

I’m confused…
Some day get correction from radio. Now, I’m trying my radio, no correction received.

This is the video


The SNR in the video is very poor, if your base is set to averaging it might not be getting a solution at all and thus not sending corrections.

While we are at it, do you know the SNR threshold Reach needs to calculate and output a position?
Edit: not fixed, but any position.

This is not defined by SNR level only but by a multitude of parameters, this is why we suggest using it with open sky visibility.

Ok, so a position can be achieved at almost any SNR level, as long as x parameteres “checks ok”?

If you set an SNR mask then any satellite below it will be discarded and thus not used in solution. Reach needs at least 4 sats above mask to produce a solution.

I live at rolling hills. To get good sky view, i use 5 metres pole. Yesterday I test for post processing, I get 6mm and 1cm precision, with 5 minutes observation. I saw the SNR is high