No coordinates from Stop & Go

Hello everyone,

I have a question for you. Do you know what is the reason that the corrected SCV from “Stop and Go” shows points without the coordinates

This was on ES 1.2, Windows 11 PC

Hi Bernardo,

It usually happens when the time interval of raw data logs doesn’t cover the points.

Another reason for this is Solution type restriction in Emlid Studio. For example, if you set it to Fix only, and points are in Float or Single, it may look like this.

If none of the above is your case, please share the data with me. I’ll check what’s wrong.

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Thank you for your answer.

It is possible to rinex file don’t cover the interval, I have 2 files for this survey.

But I shared other data survey where the Observation files cover all time, but happen a similar result.

Hi Bernardo,

Hmm, I’ll check the files. Thanks!

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Hi Bernardo,

Thanks to your case we found several bugs we’re going to fix now. That’s why it took us that long to investigate.

I would not go into details as the investigation is still in the process. But in a few words, some points have the same start time and the same name. So, probably, they were duplicated. Also, some points have a weird collection time interval: zero or even negative.

These issues are rather related to ReachView 3 than Emlid Studio. But something can be handled from Emlid Studio side as well. I’ll get back to you once they’re fixed.

But another thing I noticed is that the raw data quality is quite poor. There are a lot of cycle slips:

Reach RS2 still can work and calculate a precise position even in such conditions. But maybe this was the reason why you caught these bugs. So, I wanted to ask you if you faced anything unusual in ReachView3 behavior during the survey?

Also, just to make sure, this CSV is directly from ReachView 3 app and wasn’t modified in any way?

One more question: do you have Android or iOS? And what ReachView 3 version do you work with?

Hi Svetlana,

Thank you very much for always answering our questions. I hope you are having a good week.

One part in these survey I moved close to house and walk over limit of parcel, then the border have any tree on this part you all right. Additional tho point was saved with little observation time, 3 second. I know stop ang go need more observation time per point

During survey, don’t pass any abnormal situation with RV3, if you have, I can share with you the CSV to be sure

Hi Bernardo,

Yes, if you work in challenging conditions in PPK, it’s better to average the point for some time to have more data for initialization.

You’ve already share the CSV. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t modified in any way.

We’ll investigate what happened with time intervals in ReachView 3. But we need to know your phone model and ReachView 3 version. Can you share it, please?