No connex QGC with tablet android & Alfa wifi usb

hi guys

I need a little info

I bought Emlid Egde with n. 2 WiFi USB Alpha (Awso…etc .etc)

if i connect edge to pc then i have full control of the system via Qgroundcontrol and everything works

my problem is interfacing 1 Alfa with OTG cable to the latest generation Samsung tablet

unfortunately I tried it in every way but it doesn’t detect it via wi-fi or even via USB (also using Pcap)

do you have any tips about it? … thank you

The RTL8812AU chipset is great, but almost no linux distro supports it out of the box. Android does support some OTG ethernet adapters, but since all phones and tablets have wifi integrated, there is no need to provide support for external wifi adapters. So if even linux support is thin and Androids support for external wifi is too, your chances of getting the Alfa adapter to run with a android tablet are also not very high.
And there is no version of QGC for Edge on Android.

Hi Sebastian,

first of all I wanted to thank you for the very technical and professional answer.

But I think I didn’t understand the concept well and let me explain better

The Edge kit contains the ECU, GPS, etc. and N. 2 WIFI USB Alfa AWUS036ACH

Everything ok when I connect Edge + WIFI board APR and PC + WIFI with QGS


The Edge kit also includes an OTG connector (USB to MicroUSB) for connection to an Android … in fact QGC is supported by android.

The most specific question therefore is:

Not wanting to get the PC to the field, I want to use QGC with Android connected with WIFI Alfa … what is the configuration on Android tablet? … where can I find it?
The guide is very detailed but on this detail it is evasive yet if they insert the OTG cable for android it could mean that the application is easy to realize.

I add a detail … there is the application QGC ALTA (for the Alta line 6, 8, etc.) that if I’m not mistaken it works on Android.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You are right, QGC is supported by Android, but Emlid uses a specific version of QGC, QGC for Edge and they do not provide an Android version, because the Alfa adapters used with the Edge (which are an integral part of the advertised features of the Edge) are not supported by Android. Android is based on Linux, but you can not just install missing drivers, wifi adapters do not all use the same basic drivers, like external storage or usb cams do and as I said before, every Android device has build in wifi. Why should the manufacturer bother to include third party wifi drivers.

Thanks again for the always very comprehensive answer

you will certainly understand that I am taking the first steps in Edge / Px4 systems etc coming from DJI systems that I decided to abandon. I am not a novice of APR but of Edge, PX4 etc. unfortunately yes

so as there is QGC for Edge for PC, it should be EMLID to come out with a QGC “edge” version for Android … WE EXPECT WITH HOPE :slight_smile:

In fact I have some tablets and on two Samsung doesn’t even work to plead on my knees while on iOS systems (iPad Pro or Iphone XsMax) it works perfectly but I don’t know the range (at the moment I’m experimenting on the bench)

Obviously it does not require anyone to use Android so I will use iOS systems

However I have to clarify one thing … I don’t know how much the distance of streaming video can be (+ telemetry) between the AIR part that transmits with Alfa and an iOS tablet on the ground receiving the signal “only” with the internal wifi
I was hoping to be able to install on Android (now I’ll try to do it on iOS if possible) the second Alfa antenna in order to create a Point-to-Point connection that would surely gain much more in terms of range

Sper may be possible … now I document

Thanks again for everything … bye

Emlid will not release a QGC for Edge version on Android, because part of the product package (the Alfa adapter) does not work on Android.

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