No connection to Base or Rover

Hello everybody,

I wanted to ask why I have no connection to the Rover Reach RS2 (Base) or the Reach Module M2 (Rover).
Both devices are displayed in the Reach app, but are not connected, even though everything is set correctly.
Both devices were integrated in the WiFi network.
Occasionally, I rarely get into the configuration menu.
I’m seriously disappointed, something like that shouldn’t be?

Hi Fred,

May I ask you to try entering their IP addresses in the browser to check if it’s possible to access them?

yes it was the same problem.
Sometimes they connect, sometims not, i cannot fin the reason.
Both devices are in the same W-Lan network.

Hi Fred,

May I ask you what firmware version both of your devices run on? Could you please specify what device you use to connect to the receivers?

Would you mind checking the connection in another Wi-Fi network? Is it possible to repeat the issue with a long time of access?

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