No charge-light or power-on after 24h observation in rain

Just finished a 24h observation on a point. It was raining all night, but I was in contact with the unit (through wifi) after 22 hours, where everything was working as expected.

Now, trying to recharge it, the orange charge-light doesn’t come on at all, and I can’t power on the unit. Any input on how to get it alive again?

One thing to note is that when I checked in on the unit at 22 hours into the logging, the battery said 72%. So I guess it couldn’t be that low by after just 2-3 hours more?

I have tried different cables and different chargers. All work nicely with my other RS+ and charges that unit.

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After some time on the radiator, it now turns on and seems to be charging. Wierd stuff for a water-tight unit.

Might be moisture in the USB opening throwing it of or a shortcut when trying to charge it.

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Yeah, it’s kinda the only option, as I see it.

Hi @wizprod,

As Reach RS+ is a water/dust proof device, it doesn’t seem to be a reason for such behavior.
Please, let me know if you face that issue again.

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