No Antenna Height Input Available in Base Mode (Averaging FIX)


I’m setting my Emlid as a Base over an unknown point and Averaging FIX for 15 minutes to fly a drone mission. However, I have no option to enter the antenna height unless I put it in Manual Mode. Can someone explain me the workflow to add the antenna height over an unknown point, so I can have correct elevation?


There is no option to input an antenna height when not in manual mode. In averaging modes, the feature determines the phase center position and sends this information in the correction message. Antenna height in these modes is somehow “irrelevant” because you don’t actually need it to get centimeter accuracy on the rover side.

In case you set something in the ground to materialize the point and you want to get its coordinates though, you should do the following in a previous step.
Connect to the NTRIP provider, get a FIX, create a project, collect the point and read its geographic coordinates in its properties. Those are the value you can then input in Manual Mode in the Base mode configuration, alongside the antenna height.


Hi @dainel40,

Florian is right; there’s no need to input the antenna height on Averaging.

We’ve added point picker for the Base mode with the new ReachView 3 version. Now you can pick your base coordinates directly from a previously created project.


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