No acces to RS+ via ReachView or web interface

Hi there,
after updating to the latest version of reach RS+ firmware I am struggling with getting acces to the RS+. The reach view app finds the RS+ but after clicking the button to connect to it I only get a grey screen… I have tried it with an Android device but also with an iOS device. Sometimes it connect nut most of the times it doesn’t.
Anybody had find a solution for this?

All firmware and software are the latest versions…

Are you trying to connect via the receiver’s hotspot or through a local WiFi network?

RS+ and smart device are both connected to the same router/wifi network.

Does the mobile device have its own mobile broadband connection that is on at the same time? Can you get to it through a computer?

Mobile device has also it’s own connection. Mobile and RS+ are connected via a separate hotspot.

I would try turning off the mobile broadband so the device doesn’t get confused as to which connection and what IP range to use.

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Hi Nstellaard,

RS+ should be connected to the same network as your phone. May I ask you to turn off the mobile hotspot, as Michael mentioned?

It’d be great if you tried connecting to the Reach via the PC. Just type Reach’s IP to the address bar of the browser. You can see RS+ IP in ReachView.

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