NMEA - the outputs message the data of the base

Question to the team Emlid. Can one add the message in NMEA: the base (co-ordinate - the position)? He relates to RTK and RTN (VRS; NTRIP ). This solution is useful to the work with external software.

Hi Pawel,

If I understand it right that you ask about NMEA PTNL, BPQ, it’s not possible to add it since it’s a Trimble proprietary message. If I got your question wrong, please elaborate on the message you need.

Hi Kseniia

Thank you for information. NMEA PTNL, BPQ this needs - you understand me well. Is the message of the message of the position of the base by the different message NMEA possible is?
NMEA WPL alternatively the non -standard message?

Hi Pawel,

There are no messages that output a base position in the official NMEA standard at the moment. So, I can hardly suggest any ready-to-use solution. However, your request is noted.

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