NMEA settings question

We have a Teejet autosteer device here that needs GGA 10Hz and ZDA 1Hz.
It doesnt’t connect with RS2. Is anyone here familiar with this problem?


Hi Dirk,

Does your autosteer system support NMEA input with GN talker ID?

Emlid to trimble 150

I had to go to some extreme measures on a 15year old trimble but it worked.

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More than likely, as with most Ag Systems, it is looking for GPGGA etc.

Hi all,

Just want to point out that we’re working on the possibility of changing the ID talker for NMEA. Also, a feature of outputting specific NMEA messages is in our roadmap as well.


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This would make it so much easier to use Emlid to upgrade older guidance systems! Also to Integrate it with picky ones. Extremely handy feature.

Thank you for considering this feature!


That would be a great improvement!!

If Reach RS2 can be used with AG systems, it will really increase sales.
Now my Reach RS2 is pretty useless for most AG systems.


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