Nmea rs2

How to get only
the & GPGGA and $ GPRMC sentences of the RS2 receiver via serial cable.
We already have the cable and the serial data output is activated.
but RS2 sends & GNGGA and $ GNRMC

Hi @suporte,

Reach receivers do output NMEA messages with GN prefix. At the moment, it’s not possible to specify the talker via the software.

We changed NMEA messages with GP prefix to GN a while ago to be more in sync with the official standard. The majority of the developers support GN talker even if they supported GP only before.

We’re considering adding the option of specifying the talker ID to the ReachView app. However, I can’t provide you with any ETAs now.

There are a lot of AG users that want this option. It would make the system work with their current AG monitor.

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