NMEA over BT not working on latest DEV release 2.15.5

I got all setup to make a tutorial on using the Reach RTK to provide precise GEO tags on an Insta360 Pro camera, BUT the BT NMEA is not working. So I tested it on both my reach RTK and Reach RS. Not working on either. I can’t recall if I tested it initially on the latest stable version or DEV 2.15.4. I think it was on 2.15.4.

Can anyone else confirm if the position output via BT/ NMEA is working? I plan on using my android device to log (using Lefurbe NTRIP app).

Thanks for any help!! I guess I will find something else to do in the mean time :slight_smile:

I get an Error 111 (both devices). I can pair them up to multiple android devices, just keep getting the Error 111 when applying the BT>NMEA option on Output 1 or Output 2. I tried both (obviously not simultaneously).

Hi Tim, Tried with 2.15.2 and then updated to 2.15.5. Both worked fine with bluetooth output solution with lefebure.
Android on Samsung S5 here
Ps! I dont connect reach and phone with either in their menu. With previously paired device i just enable bluetooth and have lefebure select the bluetooth device to connect to. Hope that helps

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Hey Tore, thanks for the reply. I will try it again. I tried it on my Pixel 2 XL and the Nexus 7 2013. I successfully did it prior to the 2.15.5 version. But if you got it to work just fine then it is not a software issue. I will let you know what I come up with.

Hi @timmyd,

Did @TB_RTK suggestion help you? Have you managed to output the position via BT?

Hi Titiana,
Yes it did. I just tested this morning and found my error. In NTRIP Client app, I had not gone in to the Receiver Settings and selected the new Reach Unit. It previously had my Reach “rover” listed and when I switched to the “Base” and RTK receiver, I did not update in the Lefebure app.

I had connectivity problems the other day and I found out that the wifi has to be turned off on the tablet (at least for the Nexus 7 2013, in order for the tablet to see the Reach RS device and pair with it.

So now that those 2 things are fixed, It is smooth sailing!

thanks for checking!! And thanks Tore for the first reply.


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