NMEA output string has changed

I recently updated my Emlid Reach and RS devices to the latest firmware v2.11.0 using the web application.

I have created my own app that uses the output from the GPS in NMEA format.

The old firmware output the strings I use as follows;

Notice the $GP before the type of string?


The new version has the strings as follows;


I am pretty sure the might be other NMEA strings that are available, that may have changed also but I have not been looking at these.

Can anyone else see this change in the output?

Does anyone know why it has changed and if this is going to remain as it is in future?

Sample of the new strings

Regards to you all


Yes, we’ve slightly updated NMEA to be more in sync with the official standard. GN just means that the message contains GNSS agnostic data, while GP means it’s GPS only. It will remain that way.

Unfortunately, we sometimes have to push these breaking changes to be compatible with more accessories and software.

All the details here.


Thank you for the quick response.

I have made the changes in my app and it is all working again.



Can anyone please tell me that whether the deltas (difference b/w the base station positions and rover positions) that is calculated by the REach DGPS, is added in any string?
Moreover, what are the formats of various strings that has been used in NMEA (like GNRMC, GNGGA, GPGSA, GLGSA, GAGSA, GPGSV, GLGSV, GAGSV, GNGST, GNVTG, etc.)


I thought I closed this one.

I am sorry but I do not know the answer to your question. However I was looking for this a year or so ago myself and was not able to find it out.
As a result, if you find it out please can I ask you to share it with me.

BTW Egor has always got the answer. He is awesome.


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