NMEA output over Serial USB-C to USB-C

Can I get the NMEA position output to a tablet over a simple USB-C to USB-C cable?

I don’t want to just go plugging things in to each other before I know what is safe to do ( i worry, lol).

I want to use the serial method of output because I am using a hotspot supported NTRIP correction and the ESRI apps I am using can’t access the position output over bluetooth (tablet bluetooth is awful) or wifi (emlid hotspot disabled while using NTRIP corrections).

Let me know if anyone has tried this, thank you.


Hi Tom,

Reach can output its position over USB, so from the Reach side, it’ll work. Another question is whether the tablet with the app can read the data from its USB port. As I know, some Android devices can do that. But it should be configured some way, so it’s better to double-check this.

Most likely, you need to use USB OTG cable.

The worst thing that can happen is that it just won’t work, so no worries. :wink:

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