NMEA message not recognized by agriculture machine

I have a reach m and a reach rs and I want to send the signal from the reach m to a tractor terminal via rs232
I have an adapter from uart to rs232
The tractor is a case puma and the display is an afs 700 pro also intelliview called.
He display need the NMEA message with gga and rmc at least.

So when I setup everything the display receive the gsv signal and show me the satellites in view, but the display can’t translate the gga to the a position.

Does someone have an idea what the problem could be ?

Thanks for your help

Hi @mxnofear,

Can you clarify which NMEA messages you need: GPGGA/GPRMC or GNGGA/GNRMC?

@andrew.yushkevich Im in the same postion i belive.

Is it posible to select this in reach? i.e. turn off all but GPS antenas and get GP stings vs what i get now that is GN strings?

I have a termenal that want NMEAO183-$GPGGA acording to specs.

This kind of topic/issues will be a lot more common whit the new Reach rs2 as i see lots of Implementation towards agriculture machinery and farming.

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Hello sorry I’m not sure if I need gpgga or Gngga…-

But I know that the Trimble ag 372 Gnss Receiver works … May be this helps ?

Thank you

I found this on Trimble homepage

NMEA-0183 message: GGA

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Time, position, and fix related data

An example of the GBS message string is:



Note – The data string exceeds the NMEA standard length.

Our NMEA messages are in sync with the official standard, so there’re no GP messages.
We sometimes have to push these breaking changes to be compatible with more accessories and software.

So, here’s Reach NMEA messages at the moment: GNRMC, GNGGA, GPGSA, GLGSA, GAGSA, GPGSV, GLGSV, GAGSV, GNGST, GNVTG.

So emlid have the gpgsv message and that’s why the tractor can see the satellite but not the position.

Is there any thing that I can do that this could run with the gngga string ?

Do you know if and where I can change the update rate for the NMEA to 5 hz

Hi @mxnofear,

Reach outputs GNGGA.
If you need to change GN string from Reach to GP, the only thing I can recommend you is to output the position from Reach on 3rd-party board (Arduino or RPi), write a script that changes strings, and run it on this board.

You should set up the update rate in RTK settings to 5 Hz.

Okay thank you for your advise

Unfortunately I am an amateur in making a Script … is someone around here that may be would help with the script that would be a huge help


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