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NMEA message not recognized by agriculture machine

(Manuel Wilck) #1

I have a reach m and a reach rs and I want to send the signal from the reach m to a tractor terminal via rs232
I have an adapter from uart to rs232
The tractor is a case puma and the display is an afs 700 pro also intelliview called.
He display need the NMEA message with gga and rmc at least.

So when I setup everything the display receive the gsv signal and show me the satellites in view, but the display can’t translate the gga to the a position.

Does someone have an idea what the problem could be ?

Thanks for your help

(Andrew Yushkevich) #3

Hi @mxnofear,

Can you clarify which NMEA messages you need: GPGGA/GPRMC or GNGGA/GNRMC?