NMEA-0183 Output

Two questions (suggestions):

  1. When NMEA-0183 output is enabled, a subset of NMEA-0183 messages can be output to external instruments and equipment connected to the receiver. In the NMEA stream, there is no BPQ message needed to report vectors.
    Is possible to unblock this message by GPS enabled?

  2. [quote=“tatiana.andreeva, post:3, topic:12151”]
    "…some Android smartphones in hotspot mode don’t show Reach IP in ReachView app.
    In that case, you need to find Reach IP with any network scanning tool such as Fing, and enter this IP in any browser address bar.
    and you did not mention Reach Units app! :slight_smile:


Hi @r.pazus

Do I understand right, that you need BPQ message for moving base?

Can you clarify this quote, please?

Yes, but not only for moving base. Using the only rover and NTRIP caster, ie. working in RTN and RTK, the real receiver as a base and postprocessing (PPK) are outdated methods. All you need is a virtual base receiver for which only the BPQ message taken from RTCM3 info is missing in the output stream.

It was a note to Tatiana because we already have a tool Reachview EMLID instead of Fing (Reach units showed as an example) :slight_smile:

Hi @r.pazus,

Unfortunately, at the moment, we don’t have plans to implement BPQ message in NMEA stream.
You can find currently available messages here.

hello Andrew, thanks for the info

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