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I am very new to this and need some help choosing the right system. My main oibjective to acheive ground elevation data with accuracy <10mm. I was planning to buy use two Reach RS+ as a base and rover, get static readings and post process. Most my elevations will be recorded in the streets of suburbs with houses, trees around me. Even with readings of 15-30 min and post-process, do I still need to consider getting a L2 system? Or will post process and longer reading able to combat the multipath errors?

Your standard could be difficult to achieve consistently even with a multifrequency system. That kind of accuracy might require a total station depending on how obstructed your points are.

Hi @shr27,

Sorry for the delayed response!

These conditions are too difficult for the single-band receivers like Reach RS+. I’d recommend checking out our Reach RS2 multi-band receiver.

However, please pay attention to the accuracy Reach RS2 could provide in PPK:

  • H: 5 mm + 0.5 ppm
  • V: 10 mm + 1 ppm

As Gabriel advised, your survey might require a total station for consistent measurements.

Thank you for the response. I checked my accuracy standards and it is actually >25mm. I am leaning towards reach rs2 now, but I was curious as to how the coverage performs under tree canopy. Also, do you recommend using a base/rover or rover/VRS combination for better accuracy and coverage under canopy. I will have good 3G/4G coverage.

I completely rely on total stations right now, but I am tired of having to traverse miles to reach a NGS survey marker.

Hi @shr27,

If you have an NTRIP station in the 60-km range, you can work with the Reach RS2 rover only.

Reach RS2 local base have some advantages also. First of all, you’re free to place it in the most appropriate location. You can also enable more constellations while surveying, which allows you to get fix faster. As for NTRIP stations, I’d recommend checking which constellations they track and which RTCM3 messages they output before you make a decision.

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